May 3rd, 2007

Mac appz #1

I’m an enthusiastic mac user for a few months now and I discover new, interesting applications every day. Here’s the first part including Quicksilver, Opera and Home Zone. More parts coming soon …



Quicksilver is really a must for everyone using a mac. Basically, it’s just a launcher. It allows you to launch everything you want within a second. Composing a new mail, choosing a playlist in iTunes or browse you hard disk. The possibilities are endless.

If you are willing to spend some time reading the docs and tutorials, it will completely renew the way you navigate and operate.

Opera 9.2

Safari is indeed a fast and reliable browser, but however, it doesn’t offer as much comfort and feature-richness as Firefox or Opera. Opera is free and comes with a lot of built-in features such as a BitTorrent and IRC client, Editor for notes, Widgets, Sessions, Mouse gestures, a password manager.

You should also take a look at Kiosk Mode, a lock-down mode in which the browser can be used for unattended computers in public places.

Speed Dial displays your favorite websites as thumbnails when you open a new tab.

Home Zone

When you’re in a public place or at work, the screen saver password is an effective way to protect the access to your data. At home at the other hand, it’s quite annoying to enter your password every time you return to your computer.

Home Zone sets your settings automatically, depending on your current location.

For example if you leave your home network, the screen saver password will be enabled, when you reenter it, it does the opposite. This is just one of many possible applications.

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