December 6th, 2008

Exercise 10 – 3D

texture-cube.pngProcessing is capable of importing 3D models in various formats from your favourite modeling program. This post shows examples and explains what you plugins you might need.

Task 2: 3D-Cube with Textures

Processing offers great options when it comes to 3D. This applet uses the vertex function to draw the six cube surfaces. In photoshop, I created the textures and applied them to the surfaces.

You can use the mouse to rotate the cube.

Texture Cube.

Task 4: Tracking Shot

The goal of this example is to show how the camera function can be used to adjust the viewer’s position. Animated, this gives you the impression of a tracking shot.

Tracking Shot

Task 5: Tracking Shot 3D

This is basically the same exercise as Task 4, except this time I imported a 3D model. There was a nice model of a ladybird I found on To load OBJ into processing, an OBJ loader like the SAITO OBJ loader is needed.

Tracking Shot 3d.

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