September 26th, 2011

Gesture Library at Macoun 2011

Less than a week left till the biggest iOS and OS X developer conference in the german-speaking world starts. Macoun 2011 will take place on the first weekend of October in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I’m proud to be one of the speakers in such an amazing line-up. My session is going to be on Sunday, 11 am (Grosser Saal). So for those developers who still want to sign up and attend, today is the last day!


The talk is going to be about the Gesture Library on the iPad 2 and is going to focus on the concepts and technology behind it. We will also look at some code samples. Here an abstract of the talk (Source:

Visuelle Gestenerkennung

Gestengesteuerte Interaktion mit einer virtuellen Umgebung — ganz im Stile von Minority Report — ist dank Front-Kamera auch auf dem iPad 2 möglich. Anhand einer Beispiel-App werden die spannenden Möglichkeiten solcher Anwendungen gezeigt und einige dahinterliegende Technologien und Konzepte erläutert.

I still have a lot to prepare, only so much: People who were waiting for Meteora might really like it :)

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