November 13th, 2011

Meteora+ hits the App Store

The first gesture-controlled 3D airplane game has finally landed in the App Store. The objective is simple: Board the plane and collect the portals in the magical forest!

You can tilt your device like a steering wheel or, on devices with a front-facing camera (such as the iPhone 4/4S or iPad 2), even use gestures to manoeuvre the plane.

Gesture control works by tracking two objects and their respective position. Object recognition is based on color, so ensure the objects tracked have a distinct color from everything else in the picture (face, background, etc.) and you are in an evenly lit environment. For this purpose, colored gloves seem to work particularly well.

Gesture Control in Meteora+

The game, originated from two University projects, brings camera-driven interaction to mobile devices in the form of an addictive arcade game for people of all ages. An early preview of this still very young technology was shown in Frankfurt am Main at Macoun 2011, the biggest iOS and Mac developers’ conference in the German-speaking world.

Meteora+ ($3.99) is now available on the iTunes App Store.

Thanks to Clinton Ferreira from AppAdvice for his review. Some of the issues have already been fixed in the latest version and other suggestions like face control, are in planning for a future release.

Additional tips

For best performance, here are some additional tips: In the setup tab, try adjusting the slider (color tolerance) so both your hands/objects are recognised, depending on how bright your environment is. Also, light from the front is very important in order to avoid casting shadows onto your hands (which will make them very dark and impossible to track). They should be visually clearly distinguishable from the rest of the image.

Enjoy experimenting! I’m aware it’s a very young and at times fragile technology. So if you guys encounter any problems or something isn’t clear, feel free to contact me.

Spread the word on twitter using #MeteoraPlus.

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