April 11th, 2014

In the last 12 months (2014)

In the last 12 months, I stood on the shoulders of giants. Some of them midgets, some of them lions.

Tirelessly brought sweets to The Foundry, played ping pong every noon. Will miss KATANA’s ponies and always be a thankful Spoon.

Had a cardiologist make my heart smile every day from seven to eleven. Not even the sky is the limit, when you are in heaven.

After a year, fully recovered from every incision. Never lose your head. You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.

Never let the brick walls that stop the others get in your way. My dreams still scare me and so should they.

Kicking with National team players my knee was fine, one of them named me ‘Walliser Blitz’ before I scored from the halfway line.

You can still visit me in London, if you then desire. Saw Penn & Teller blow my mind and Harald Schmidt retire.

Once more, leapt into the future. Against all bets. Became a “kölsche Jung” and Heino. Lived with no excuses, loved with no regrets.

Unbelievable meeting legends at Pixar and Sony. Dinner in Petaluma changed everything, as life should later show me.

Been happy in London. And Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NYC, Frankfurt, Porto, Cologne, Arosa and Cambridge. If you have friends like mine you truly are rich.

Admired the Alps and thought I could fly. Begged people to excuse me while I kiss the sky.

Became a cook, or kind of, learned how to love, and then to let go. It’s better to be kind than right y eu passei o nível 11 no Duolingo.

You’re surrounded by those you can count on or whether walking with kings. Anyone can inspire you – people are more important than things.

Gradually changing the world, one smile, one line of code, one piece of chocolate at a time. Crazy enough to think it will work, a plan almost sublime.

If I will ever keep what seems impossible to have. It was so hard to find. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Remain so grateful to mom and dad for giving me roots, wings and everything in life. And best of all, a sister who is there for me wherever I arrive.

Learned to take care of the garden, to prevent all decay. Then, what you have been looking for, will come and find you one day. Of each paragraph combine its first letter, you’ll know who I owe this lesson to, and even better: So much more I cannot explain, I had the best 12 months of my life. Again.

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