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In the last 12 months (2017)

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

In the last 12 months of my life, I flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Apple’s spaceship, and the bay, over Alcatraz and under Golden Gate Bridge, around the Matterhorn and Aletsch Glacier, saw whales and many friends smile at me with their headsets on. Landed at 3500 m having Fondue with friends, played cupid, logged over 160 h so far and keep learning from legends over dinner.

Kicked footballs and ass in Gspon (perfect season), Morzine/France (scored for Switzerland again at the European Mountain Championship), Italy at 3000 m, San Francisco, London, got welcomed so openly at FC M√ľnster and FC Visp where it all started.

Building a company, a great team, a culture, a movement, a hub and chocolate cakes, unveiled Hazu in a castle, raised $400k and many eyebrows, hired and fired, enforcer of the vision, from Silicon Valais to Silicon Valley, from 0 to 1: make people feel important, not yourself.

Been with ultra people, some of them make cakes for The Last Supper, others simply pwn, been to Sweet Briar, Duke, London, Porto, Milan, Istanbul, Portland, San Francisco and Bratsch. Been called a young Richard Branson by a loyal yogi, an old Justin Bieber by 20 screaming Turkish girls who code, and “magical” by people who actually are magic to me.

Saw Hans Zimmer play in Zurich, King Roger at Wimbledon, and Arsenal at Emirates, behind the scenes at WWDC, played tennis and golf once, pool many times. Started to ride motorcycles, went to the slopes and the chocolate factory rediscovered the sweetness of the chocolate pile.

Been supported by my dream team, they give the roots and the wings, pillar for all the hours of darkness, they host and care, they are the foundation for myself and the Hazu family, which keeps growing, every day, full of energy and love, unstoppable.