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In the last 12 months (2017)

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

In the last 12 months of my life, I flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Apple’s spaceship, and the bay, over Alcatraz and under Golden Gate Bridge, around the Matterhorn and Aletsch Glacier, saw whales and many friends smile at me with their headsets on. Landed at 3500 m having Fondue with friends, played cupid, logged over 160 h so far and keep learning from legends over dinner.

Kicked footballs and ass in Gspon (perfect season), Morzine/France (scored for Switzerland again at the European Mountain Championship), Italy at 3000 m, San Francisco, London, got welcomed so openly at FC Münster and FC Visp where it all started.

Building a company, a great team, a culture, a movement, a hub and chocolate cakes, unveiled Hazu in a castle, raised $400k and many eyebrows, hired and fired, enforcer of the vision, from Silicon Valais to Silicon Valley, from 0 to 1: make people feel important, not yourself.

Been with ultra people, some of them make cakes for The Last Supper, others simply pwn, been to Sweet Briar, Duke, London, Porto, Milan, Istanbul, Portland, San Francisco and Bratsch. Been called a young Richard Branson by a loyal yogi, an old Justin Bieber by 20 screaming Turkish girls who code, and “magical” by people who actually are magic to me.

Saw Hans Zimmer play in Zurich, King Roger at Wimbledon, and Arsenal at Emirates, behind the scenes at WWDC, played tennis and golf once, pool many times. Started to ride motorcycles, went to the slopes and the chocolate factory rediscovered the sweetness of the chocolate pile.

Been supported by my dream team, they give the roots and the wings, pillar for all the hours of darkness, they host and care, they are the foundation for myself and the Hazu family, which keeps growing, every day, full of energy and love, unstoppable.

In the last 12 months (2016)

Monday, April 11th, 2016

In the last 12 months of my life I have
Been visited by joy and sometimes death.

My grandpa worded carefully,
Making people happy bears the key.

But harder for the struggling clown
To smile when all has brought you down.

In darkest moments look within
For growth to commence happening.

Unimaginable how empty life would be,
Without childlike wonder and mystery.

In San Francisco kicking so cheerfully
Met trusted souls to climb and fly with me.

In Vegas eating cheese fondue
In Mexico City the same was true.

In Alaska with squirrels and my family
They are still the best they could ever be.

In London with old friends and new ones alike
In search of lost time, the endless hike.

In Wembley beating the Swiss ambassador
At table football, nothing more.

Played in the highest game of Europe in air so thin,
You don’t always need to lose for others to win.

Showed the future to some and the Matterhorn to many,
In pursuit of the dreams that are sweeter than any.

The days are long but the decades are short,
Who helps the helpers, where’s their resort?

If your brain is screaming and your heart is tired,
Trust in life to recalibrate what’s required.

If bright loving thoughts are part of you,
The soul will take their color too.

What’s essential is invisible to the eye,
Let us be fireworks and light up the sky.

In the last 12 months (2015)

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

In the last 12 months of my life, I hugged an Olympic gold medalist, hosted an academy-award winner in the chalet, witnessed Federer and Tiger Woods, pushed the envelope in a paperless world, talked business with Christian Constantin in a cable car, learned to shoot a penalty from a world champion and to fly helicopters from legends. I drove an Aston Martin, a Tesla, and many people crazy.

Smiled 300 times a day, just like a kid, been to Yosemite, Hoylake, Belfast, NYC, Miami, SF, Rome, Vegas and will forever walk the earth with my eyes turned skyward. Want to change the world, so kept changing myself. To be a better thinker, better pilot, better friend. Every day. Feelings get hurt – that is the price of freedom.

Surrounded by the most wonderful puppies, bunnies, piggies and the best family in the known universe. Built character and Hazu. Was the student many times, sometimes the teacher. Often out of my comfort zone, idea and learning machine. Designing a life full of win-win situations. I never give up!

Was in heaven with J.M. in London, in the air with J.M. in the Alps, in brilliant brain storms with J.M. in lunch breaks and re-united with J.M. in San Francisco. Four very special people. Let’s get lost at sea… My own dreams aren’t the limit.

Took people to the skies, my dad is still smiling. Always believed I could fly and land in Gspon, this time they believe it too and the dream can go on. Cleared for take off from Central London to the Matterhorn. Sometimes cold, sometimes windy, but eagles soar higher and then admire.

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. Life is too short for drama. Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain. Don’t like something? Change it. Love someone? Tell them. Like I tell you now. I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life. That is my life now. And what’s more, all this is only the beginning…

In the last 12 months (2014)

Friday, April 11th, 2014

In the last 12 months, I stood on the shoulders of giants. Some of them midgets, some of them lions.

Tirelessly brought sweets to The Foundry, played ping pong every noon. Will miss KATANA’s ponies and always be a thankful Spoon.

Had a cardiologist make my heart smile every day from seven to eleven. Not even the sky is the limit, when you are in heaven.

After a year, fully recovered from every incision. Never lose your head. You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.

Never let the brick walls that stop the others get in your way. My dreams still scare me and so should they.

Kicking with National team players my knee was fine, one of them named me ‘Walliser Blitz’ before I scored from the halfway line.

You can still visit me in London, if you then desire. Saw Penn & Teller blow my mind and Harald Schmidt retire.

Once more, leapt into the future. Against all bets. Became a “kölsche Jung” and Heino. Lived with no excuses, loved with no regrets.

Unbelievable meeting legends at Pixar and Sony. Dinner in Petaluma changed everything, as life should later show me.

Been happy in London. And Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NYC, Frankfurt, Porto, Cologne, Arosa and Cambridge. If you have friends like mine you truly are rich.

Admired the Alps and thought I could fly. Begged people to excuse me while I kiss the sky.

Became a cook, or kind of, learned how to love, and then to let go. It’s better to be kind than right y eu passei o nível 11 no Duolingo.

You’re surrounded by those you can count on or whether walking with kings. Anyone can inspire you – people are more important than things.

Gradually changing the world, one smile, one line of code, one piece of chocolate at a time. Crazy enough to think it will work, a plan almost sublime.

If I will ever keep what seems impossible to have. It was so hard to find. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Remain so grateful to mom and dad for giving me roots, wings and everything in life. And best of all, a sister who is there for me wherever I arrive.

Learned to take care of the garden, to prevent all decay. Then, what you have been looking for, will come and find you one day. Of each paragraph combine its first letter, you’ll know who I owe this lesson to, and even better: So much more I cannot explain, I had the best 12 months of my life. Again.